Tank Engineering’s Safety Focus

Safety is equal to all other components of successful performance at Tank Engineering And Management Consultants, Inc.Each of us has the responsibility to make safety a daily value. This is fundamental to our well-being, as well as to the efficient operation of our business. It is critical for each employee to be dedicated to the principle that health and safety is an integral part of the planning and efficient execution of each and every job. In order to achieve our goals, management will continue to provide safe and healthful working conditions, safe work procedures and rules based upon experience and safety knowledge and competent supervision for our employees.

Tank Engineering’s Safety and Health Manual provides for the continuing training and safe work procedures for our employees and supervisors. Tank Engineering’s Safety and Health Program is in full compliance with federal, state and local requirements and has been registered and approved by third party verification companies used by our largest clients. These third party verification companies include PICS and ISNetworld.

Tank Engineering’s employees and supervisors receive advanced training in areas specific to the unique work environment associated with the storage tank industry. Employees are trained in OSHA and MSHA requirements.  These training programs include, but are not limited to, Permit Confined Space Entry, Fall Protection, Air Monitoring, Job Safety Analysis and Hazard Recognition and Mitigation. Tank Engineering’s employees are its most valuable asset and we strive to ensure they receive the best training and equipment to ensure their personal safety.   All subcontractors we use or partner with are required to meet our most stringent safety and quality guidelines.


MICCS Certification