Who is Tank Engineering?

Tank Engineering and ManagementTank Engineering And Management Consultants, Inc. is a specialty engineering and consulting firm dedicated to helping tank owners and operators achieve long term, low cost maintenance programs for steel tanks and tank systems.  Over our three decades in business we have chosen a very careful and deliberate path for growth which has allowed us to fully develop our professional staff and help build lasting relationships with our clients, while at the same time ensuring product quality and value were not compromised.  We have a qualified staff and cutting edge equipment, as well as policies and procedures in place to provide the best inspection service anywhere.

We are not just a “testing company,” a company that takes readings and collects data to submit for the client’s own interpretation.  Instead, we are an inspection and specialty engineering firm that also interprets the data, makes assessments and recommends the appropriate action by the owners and operators to ensure the health of their systems.  We consider ourselves a full partner in diagnosing a problem, recommending a solution and establishing a path forward.  We have mechanical and civil engineering PEs, and certified inspectors in API-653, API-570, API-510, STI Standard SP001, and NACE.

When it comes to tank and pipeline inspections, size doesn’t matter.  We serve the giants in chemicals, phosphate and petroleum industries, and major municipalities and utilities, while at the same time we provide inspections for hundreds of very small hydropneumatic tanks in residential communities and private firms all over the country.

Our safety focus, professionalism in the field and attention to detail are second to none and our processes and equipment are state-of-the-art.  Every report we publish is thorough, complete and tailored to our clients’ specifications and needs.

We are not a tank shop nor do we participate in the manufacture of tanks or tank components so we have no conflict of interest.  Our focus is directed solely on accurately assessing the mechanical integrity of each system that we inspect and delivering to the client the most thorough, clear and unbiased technical report possible.

Our Reach

In the fledgling years of our company the major part of our business was done very close to our Central Florida home, but today our reach extends beyond state lines and into other nations. We have successfully completed over 5000 jobs for more than 500 customers in all areas of the US and the Caribbean. We have traveled from the enchanted island of the Bahamas to The Great Northwest, from the warm and sunny Turks and Caicos to the snowy Great Lakes. We have been up and down the Mississippi and on both sides of the Rockies. We are no longer limited by geography. Our team is always ready and willing to quickly respond to the client’s needs—wherever that may be—and deliver a product of the highest quality at a very competitive price. steps-tank To better serve our customers in the Midwestern and Northern regions of our country we have now opened a new office in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Our Commitment

At Tank Engineering And Management Consultants, Inc., our commitment is to provide our valued clients the best, most affordable services and quickest response in the business.  We bring you state-of-the art tools and the knowledge to properly use and interpret the resulting data. This requires a devotion to hard work, continuing education and professional development.  Each of our employees is committed to that pursuit.


Our History

Tank Engineering was founded in 1983 by the late James E. Pandolph, P.E., a pioneer in the tank integrity industry.  He was an engineer who had been involved in aboveground storage tank design, fabrication, erection, and inspection for most of his career—at that time a career spanning  over 30 years and encompassing virtually all applications and conditions.   Mr. Pandolph saw the vast landscape of aging tanks, exhibiting signs of serious deterioration and structural degradation, and recognized the need for a reliable inspection service to help operators ensure safety and environmental stewardship.  This understanding led to the birth of Pandolph & Associates, Inc., a firm dedicated solely to the needs of the tank industry.  It became an immediate success, and in short time gained the respect of the industry leaders.

As the company grew and acquired certified professionals, the name was changed to Tank Engineering And Management Consultants, Inc.

In 2005, the company was sold to M. Wayne Pennewell of PENN PRO, Inc., a full service engineering company located in Mulberry, FL.  Although Tank Engineering remains a free-standing and independent company, it now has unlimited access to PENN PRO’s mechanical, structural and metallurgical professional engineers.

Today, Tank Engineering is known as a foremost leader in aboveground storage tank engineering, design and inspection, as well as pipeline inspection. As one of the first engineering firms in the U.S. to specialize in aboveground storage tanks, Tank Engineering has remained a leader in the industry. Company professionals have served on technical advisory committees and boards for the development of aboveground storage tank rules and standards. Our leadership, knowledge, and understanding of the aboveground storage tank industry are unsurpassed. And now we have expanded to better serve our customers in Midwest and Northern US regions.

Tank Engineering’s thoroughly trained professionals—experienced and knowledgeable in the steel tank industry—assess tank, piping and systems integrity, write comprehensive reports, and recommend solutions for repairs and renovations based on solid engineering principles and design.